16 Tips on How to Save on Flights

16 easy tips on how to save $$ and get the best deals on plane tickets and airfares. The tips work for any airline or flight (domestic or international)….anywhere in the world! Plus, read about the 4 best websites to search for and find cheap flights. Stop paying more than you should for your flights!

In the majority of cases, your flight will be one of the largest costs of your trip. Therefore, spending a good amount of time researching flights before your trip will ensure that you get a good deal and can then use the money that you save on your flight to travel better and farther. Before the age of the internet, the only way to research flights was by looking at the classifieds in the newspaper or to call or go in person to a tourist agency. It was very difficult to compare prices and options and you were left to the mercy of the smooth-talking tourist agents that offered you a flight that gave them a commission as opposed to the best flight. With the advent of the sacred internet, the consumer became king. We can search several ticket sites at the same time to compare companies, prices, schedules and even check other user’s reviews of airline’s services.

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